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School Records

School records are too often overlooked when it comes to family history research. They can hold vital information.

Some of the school records you may find are:

  • Admission registers – from 1870
    The Admission Registers give the name of the child, date of birth, date of admission, father’s name, address and often the fathers occupation, the names of any previous school and the date of leaving.
  • Log books
    Started about first kept in the 1840s they dealt with the general information on the school such as the appointment of teaching staff, punishment records, the careers of former pupils, school accounts and may include governors’ minute books.
  • Withdrawal or discharge registers
    These give information on the date a child may have withdrawn from the school and the cause of leaving. If a child was evacuated during WWII this may be recorded in the withdrawal register.
  • Anniversary publications
    May take the form of books, booklets, newspaper reports and photographs.
  • Local Education Authority Records
    May contain governors' meetings minutes, committee minutes, lists of school managers and accounts details.