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Where do I go next?

Sometimes you get so far with your research you don't know what to do next. Many people think, “That’s it, I can't go any further... ". There is always something else to find out about someone.

When we start our family history we often don't realise how much material is available to us. Mostly we use Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates then we use Census to fill-in the gaps and find new ancestors. This when most people stop, maybe because of finance issues, don't know what else is available or they just happy with what they've done and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Thanks to many IT companies, Archival companies and research volunteers there is so much researchable information online and lot of it free, you just need to know where to look. Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates can be search for at www.freebmd.org.uk, this is the index of all the BMD's registered in England and Wales from Sept 1837 to 2005. The census from 1841 - 1891are currently be digitized. You can search these for free at www.freecen.org.uk.

So Where Next?

From the census returns you can see you ancestor might have had brothers and sisters. Where did they go? Who did they marry?. Finding a brother on a census return can open a whole new tree, find his children and then his children. Sisters can also be interesting to research, who did she marry? his family might have lived next door in the censuses.

Before 1837 you will need to start looking at parish records. These are also being digitised online and can be free searched at www.freereg.org.uk/. (Read more on parish records ). The local records office to where your ancestor lived will hold copies, if not the original parish registers, one of you next steps might be to visit a record office to see what they have.



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