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  Public record office Census References
1841 HO107
1851 HO107
1861 RG9
1871 RG10
1881 RG11
1891 RG12
1901 RG13


1801 Census

UK Census begin on Tusday, 10th March 1801. This census was to provide the number of inhabited and unhibated house within the parish. Also how many family occupided those house.

1811 Census

The 1811 census was taken on the 27th May 1811. This census the enumerators had to give more the reseason why houses at the time were unhabited. Also the 'Occupation' field was first used in this census.

1821 Census

Taken 28th May 1821, the age of the oppupants was asked for the first time, this was so a number of men able to bear arms could be made.

1831 Census

Taken 30th May 1831, More detailed questions on occupations from 1831 provided the government with economic information.

1841 Census

The 1841 census was taken on June 6th and 7th. This census asked for the birthplace of the occupant, which has not asked before.

1851 - 1901 Censuses

These are mostly the same they ask the same question from 1851 to 1901. This can helpful because the information you can work out quite easliy.

1911 Cenuses NEW

This is a real gem if you can find it. The 1911 census gives even more detail than before, such as How Many Children Where Born Alive and How many Children Died. This can tell you if your missingany child from your tree.

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Census Date Taken

1801 Census

Tuesday 10th March 1801

1811 Census

Monday 27th May 1811

1821 Census

Monday 28th May 1821

1831 Census

Sunday 29th May 1831

1841 Census

Sunday 6th June 1841

1851 Census

Sunday 30th March 1851

1861 Census

Sunday 7th April 1861

1871 Census

Sunday 2nd April 1871

1881 Census

Sunday 3rd April 1881

1891 Census

Sunday 5th April 1891

1901 Census

Sunday 31st March 1901

1911 Census

Sunday 2nd April 1911

1921 Census

Sunday 19th June 1921

1931 Census

Sunday 26th April 1931

1941 Census

-- see note below --

1951 Census

Sunday 8th April 1951

1961 Census

Sunday 23rd April 1961

1971 Census

Sunday 25th April 1971

1981 Census

Sunday 5th April 1981

1991 Census

Sunday 21st April 1991

2001 Census

Sunday 29th April 2001


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