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Getting Started

Sometimes people just start the family history and don't know what they want to get from it. Try and decide what you want to find out from family histpry, It could be "To find who my Great Grandfather was" or "Why did my parents emmigrat?". After you've found this out you may wish to take things further.

Begining your research

Our advice has always been to start with you, yes you know who you are and what you've done in your life, but the person your going to hand this to or the person that will one day read it, might not. Try a find your Birth Certificate, Baptism Record and Wedding Certificate(s).
Try and make a timeline of your life so far this will come in useful later on.

Next your imidate family including mother, father and siblings remember try and certificates for all of them.

What if I haven't got any certificates?
If you haven't any certificates, don't worry as you can order them from them online.
Read more on certificates here

Ask Around

There is a chance that someone in your family has already started a family tree and might have the certificates and other documents you need. Also if you are lucky enough to still have some grand parents or even great grand parents still alive, ask the questions you need to. Perhaps write a list of questions you can write the answers next to.

Remember what your creating is a historical document that needs to be backed up with evidence. When you start reading about your family you will start to come across documents and articles about the life and times your ancestors lived in, also documents which are directly related to them. if in doubt, copy it !




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  • Start with yourself
  • Get copies of all the certificates you can.
  • Ask if others have done a family tree
  • If in doubt copt it!